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Throwing my pulse against the wind

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Writing Journal
Ye olde LJ

December 8th, 2006

09:52 pm - Moving.

New stuff will be posted there, keeping this journal for the stuff in it. If you still want to watch my stuff, go over there.
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November 3rd, 2006

04:55 am - ...Art!
I have not posted here in forever, oh wells. Some of it was previously posted at my LJ or a comm or two, others just weren't ever posted. Haven't done much at all in the past year art or fic-wise, but oh wells. So. Some of it is new, some of it is ancient. 8D

Some are NWS. V.v. Image heavy.

Fudoumine and Rikkai, as always. And a little bit of Sengoku.Collapse )
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September 7th, 2004

03:38 am - Spammity spam.

- Respect my works and do not take them as your own.
- Comments and constructive criticism are welcome. Flaming will not be tolerated and you will be removed if you break this rule.
- Have an open mind to homosexual themes.
- Ask before taking anything to post elsewhere. Most likely I'll let you if full credit is given.
- Comment on what you like!
- Drop a comment if you friend so I can add you back ^_^
-Art will be up for about a week per post, so check while you can (or check out Snowfire Dreams or my DevArt account if it's down when you look)

EDIT: I've fixed the comment feature.. dorky me forgot it was set to friends only commenting.. XD which is kinda pointless on an F/O journal :P

Email: kamioakira @ gmail.com / kamio @ fudomine.org
AIM: Rizumu ni Noruze

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